Laboratory information system «MCLABVET» designed to improve efficiency, speed and quality of customer service laboratory diagnosis of animal diseases.

Laboratory information system «MCLABVET» automates time-consuming and routine laboratory diagnosis of animal diseases:
• Create and sign contracts for research of biological materials animals.
• Registration and marking (bar coding) animal biological materials.
• Distribution and management tasks in the workplace.
• Analytical stage of diagnosis.
• Accounting for storage (archiving) biological materials.
• Working procedures of researchers and technicians in the workplace.
• Preparation of research protocols.
• Work with contractors correspondents.
• Business reporting documentation of the study.
Key features modules and components laboratory information system «MCLABVET»
1. Laboratory Module
Process automation laboratory research consists of the following:
• Registration of orders for laboratory tests;
• dispatching orders;
• Registration sampling of biological materials;
• Maintaining archives of biological materials;
• Preparation Workbook;
• automatic generation log analysis carried out and their results;
• registration procedures results research conducted manually;
• Control test results for compliance;
• operational analysis of the dynamics of research results;
• Formation of research results.
1.1. Destinations
Key Functions "referral" - obtaining or creating orders for laboratory testing:
• Register a new order;
• registration of samples of biological material;
• Registration of research results;
• Seal the study.
1.2. Monitor / Research results

Key Functions - view and print the full information about the study, which can be selected on the following parameters:
•Order number;
• Status (in the work done);
•Order date;
1.3. Sample preparation
With component is alikvotuvannya biomaterials and distributing them in the workplace in a laboratory. The component has the ability to identify the sample tube bar code, which is a biomaterial.
1.4. Workplace Laboratory Doctor
Component provides automated workplace of the doctor-laboratory assistant according to his profile. Component displays a list of all the studies that have to be met. Based on this information formed and can be printed worksheet. For each study formed shape, which are recorded and stored the results of laboratory tests. The component allows to carry out technical and final validation of the study.
1.5. Archive designs
Archive management component provides samples of biological materials:
• Adding to archive sample
• removal of samples from the archives
• Utilization sample
• Automatic marking and adding to the archives at probopidhotovtsi.
2. Functional components and reference system
2.1. organization Management

• Formation of the organizational structure of the institution in the form of a hierarchical tree. In particular, the ability to make data on:
o Union institutions
o Laboratory Centers
o Laboratories and sectors
• Maintain staffing and organization.
• Assignment of rights and roles on using the system MCLABVET
2.2. Managing relationships with partners and customers
Providing automation of all types of contractors / customers of the organization. Storing data in a hierarchical list:
• Name: full and short;
• type of your choice;
• belonging to a group (its ability to create groups that are easily configurable);
• details Organization: codes, certificates, legal and postal address, contact information, bank account;
• a list of existing agreements and contracts at the details of documents;
• a list of contact persons indicating initials, position and telephone number;
• details of the partner correspondent;
• Additional information.
Providing print documents in the name and details of the counterparty / customer:
• Contact information in printed form;
• logo and banner;
• Information document header.
2.3. Unit of measurement
Component for configuring units used in the laboratory studies.
2.4. Management capacities
Component provides add and store information about capacity based on laboratory research profile (name, area of use, etc.).
2.5. Management of biomaterials
Adding a new component provides biomaterial biomaterials or group and enter your information on them (biomaterials origin, storage conditions and so on.).
2.6. Managing workplace laboratory
The component is designed to adjust employment of medical assistants. Component monitors analyzes and deadlines create or edit jobs indicating the research conducted at these places and equipment used
for research.
2.7. Management studies
Component ensures the creation of new research groups or research and completion of the necessary information about the study (biomaterial, temperature control parameters, workplace, etc.). Component also provides the ability to print a list of the studies separately and together with the parameters.
2.8. Labels / markings range
Components allow you to create a series of labels for marking biomaterials and tripods and provide display ranges employed a series of labels.
2.9. Laboratory magazines

Component allows recording of laboratory results in the appropriate journals. Component also provides printing magazine cover letter and form the magazine with the results of laboratory tests.